▪ Delineation
▪ Mitigation

Quality Review
▪ Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

Water Quality Permitting
▪ 404 Wetlands
▪ NYSDEC Article 15 and 24 Permits
▪ Streambanks
▪ Stormwater SPDES/Construction Activity      SWPPP
▪ Surface Water SPDES
▪ Industrial User
▪ Industrial SWPPP

Due Diligence
▪ Code Review
▪ Compliance Auditing
▪ Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments

Hazardous Materials, Asbestos, PCBs & Lead
▪ Inspections
▪ Abatement Design

▪ Remedial Investigation
▪ Remedial Design
▪ O & M

Air Quality
▪ Emissions Inventory
▪ Stationary Source Permitting
▪ Compliance Assistance
▪ Mobile Source Impact Analysis

Bulk Storage
▪ Tank Closures
▪ Spill Prevention, Control and      Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans
▪ New System Design

Solid Hazardous Waste
▪ Resource Conservation Recover Act (RCRA)      Consulting
▪ Landfill Cover Design

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SCE engineers, scientists, geologists, and technicians, have the specialized expertise needed to perform comprehensive environmental assessment, auditing and compliance services in accordance with ASTM, and State/Federal guidelines and regulations. SCE routinely provides our Clients with third-party environmental auditing, permitting, compliance planning, and reporting assistance under each of the Major Environmental Programs.

Our firm has successfully completed many project assignments involving a combination of environmental concerns and unique site constraints. Our design professionals and broad range of environmental staff are uniquely qualified to address projects that require an effective, multi-discipline team approach.

The environmental services provided by SCE, generally fall into one of two categories: Ecological Services and Compliance/Remedial Investigation and Design.

Ecological Services routinely involve performing screenings and studies for wetlands, surface water, threatened/endangered species, NEPA/SEQRA compliance, and permitting. SCE understands that agency coordination and permitting are critical components to ensuring that projects are completed within a timely manner. We have successfully established positive working relationships with a number of individuals at agencies such as the NYSDEC, NYSOPRHP, NYSDOT, NYSOGS, NYS Canal Corporation, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers, and have an expert in-depth understanding of current environmental regulations such as Section 404 of the Clean Water Act.

Compliance/Remedial Investigation and Design services regularly include hazardous waste, lead, PCB, and asbestos investigations to comply with state and federal requirements on bridge, highway and site design projects. Remedial investigation and design services encompass a range of services including, but not limited to completing detailed soil and water investigations under major State/Federal remedial programs, assisting with remediation design, providing decontamination and demolition services in support of brownfield reclamation projects, and supervising remedial projects, which may involve excavation and removal to complex physical, chemical, or biological treatment systems.

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