Dam Safety
▪ Engineering Assessments
▪ Emergency Action Plans
▪ Dam Break Analyses
▪ Inundation Mapping
▪ Dam Inspections & Maintenance Plans
▪ Hazard Classification Studies
▪ Spillway Capacity Analyses

Floodplain Management
▪ FEMA Map Revisions & Changes
▪ Flood Risk Assessments
▪ FEMA Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) Expertise
▪ FEMA Base Level Engineering Analyses (1D &      2D HEC-RAS)

Stormwater Management
▪ Post Construction Stormwater Management
▪ Green Infrastructure Design
▪ Water Quality Analysis
▪ Erosion & Sediment Control Design
▪ SWPPP Development & Inspections

Stream Restoration
▪ Fluvial Geomorphology
▪ Natural Channel Design
▪ Streambank Stabilization
▪ Aquatic Organism Passage

Stream and Bridge Studies
▪ 1D & 2D HEC-RAS Modeling Capabilities
▪ Bridge Scour Analysis & Countermeasure      Design
▪ Geomorphic Assessments and Design

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Water Resources

SCE provides specialized water resource engineering services in the core areas of Dam Safety, Floodplain Management & Mitigation, Stream Restoration and Bank Stabilization, Stream Modeling, Watershed Studies, and Stormwater Management.

Dam Safety services include engineering assessments, dam inspections, Hydrologic and Hydraulic modeling (H&H), dam break analysis, inundation mapping, preparation of emergency action plans (EAP), and design of dam improvements.

SCE provides a wide range of floodplain management and resiliency services including H&H modeling of streams, culverts, closed drainage systems, stormwater management practices, flood levees, closure structures, and interior/pumping storm drainage systems. Our staff has the specialized expertise to provide HEC-RAS one-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling. Our staff of Certified Floodplain Managers has extensive experience in the FEMA Map Revision process and the ‘no-rise’ analyses required to support map revisions. We have provided both technical and grant writing assistance needed to obtain state and federal funding for disaster or pre-disaster mitigation projects and have completed several Local Flood Analysis projects within the NYC water supply area.

Our geomorphic services include a range of stream restoration and stabilization services featuring natural stream design methods; including the use of natural wood and bioengineering materials to stabilize stream banks and floodplains. Our corporate resume includes projects with both traditional rock hardened protection measures and natural methods to provide water quality benefits and aquatic enhancements for projects throughout the Northeast.

SCE stormwater management services include Green Infrastructure design, post construction stormwater management design, erosion & sediment control plan preparation, SWPPP development, and post construction monitoring and inspection. Representative projects completed by our team include; floodplain management studies, comprehensive watershed studies, dam removals; levee setbacks; dam safety inspections; stream and floodplain restoration; flood, geomorphic, and sediment transport hazard assessments; stream crossing replacements; and scour analyses. Our team prides itself on providing responsive client service and is committed to exceeding our clients expectations on all assignments.

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